Edible Picture Cakes in Pakistan

Decorating cakes with customers’ photos or other images is becoming more and more popular. Whether you are a large bakery, in-store bakery or a small retail bakery; our edible picture sheets will fit your budget and allow you to decorate cakes or cupcakes with photos and any images and text you desire. We offer¬†edible picture cakes in Lahore and designer photo cakes & edible photo sheets prints for your cakes and cupcakes. We use only the best quality imported sugar sheets.

Our premium icing sheets is the highest quality icing sheet on the market. These sheets are extremely flexible, stand up in all climates, and offer easy-peel support. Our icing sheets are made of sugar with great taste. A high quality paper offered in white and bright various colors.

Edible inks are a specially formulated food coloring mixture for printing onto icing sheets. The colors are matched with regular inks, then modified to hold their coloring better on the sheets. Icing images edible inks contained a sponge, meaning our inks contain no harmful ingredients of any kind.