Q. How can I apply for a job at Cake Feasta?
A. Please visit Career for information on employment opportunities.

Q. Do you offer internships?
A. Cake Feasta offers internships for qualified full-time students and provide them opportunity to put their know-how to use and get practical real world experience. To apply for an internship please send an email to contact@cakefeasta.com and put internship in the subject line and in the body of your email. Please note the type of work you are pursuing and be sure to attach your resume to your email.

Q. Can Cake Feasta donate to charity?
A.  We make every effort to produce the highest quality baked goods at the highest level of responsibility and partner with charities whose commitment to their passions matches ours. Please email to contact@cakefeasta.com for further details and put Charity in the subject line.

Q. Which areas do you deliver?
A. We deliver everywhere in Lahore.

Q. Can I pick up my cake?
A. Yes, you can pick up your cake from our location at 12-E First Floor Molana Shoukat Ali Road opposite Johar Event Complex, Johar Town Lahore. Phone: +92 345 6369621

Q. Can I customize my cake order?
A. Yes, cakes and can be decorated with edible images, inscriptions and themed sugar deacons. To place a custom order, call our help line number or Cake Feasta Johor Town (+92 345 6369621) to speak with a customer service representative.

Q. The cake I have in mind is not available on your website? Can you help me in designing it?
A. Yes, Of course we can! We can design a unique, individual cake of your dreams incorporating your color scheme, ideas and other design requirements. To place a custom order, call our help line number in Cake Feasta Johor Town (+92 345 6369621) to speak with a customer service representative.

Q. I like one of your designs. Is it possible to vary the shape and color?
A. YES. We can vary the shape or color as you wish. We will need to work together to create the perfect cake for you. The best way to do it is call our help line number in Cake Feasta Johor Town (+92 345 6369621) to speak with a customer service representative.

Q. How do I store my Cake?
A. They can best store in the refrigerator, so just place them in fridge to chill upon receiving them. They can be eaten at room temperature as well. They can last up to 1 weeks in the Fridge, (If they make it that long).

Q. Where can I find the nutritional information for your cakes?
A. We use a variety of premium natural ingredients in our cakes and icings, including milk, cream, butter, eggs, sugar and flour. Our cakes do not contain any preservatives or trans fats in either the cake or icing. Currently, we do not have any other nutritional information available for review.

Q. If someone is allergic to nuts. Do your cakes come in nut free?
A. Most of our cakes are nuts free unless specifically ordered with nuts. Only carrot cake has nuts in it.

Q. Do you provide large quantity orders?
A. Yes. If you live in the Lahore area, please email contact@cakefeasta.com for more information or to place an order. We will work with you on bulk pricing. No amount is too big, as we have catered multiple large events/shows.

Q. Do you do large quantity corporate gifts?
A. Yes. Our Cakes are the perfect way to show your clients/employees how appreciative you are. We’d be happy to discuss our corporate gift options with you. Please contact us by email to learn more about this option. We have had past clients that used this option forward their feedback from their customers that received these gifts and absolutely love them.

Q. Do you deliver or ship outside of Lahore?
A. No, currently we are offering Free delivery in Lahore only. Please consider that specialty cakes are heavy, perishable and according to their design, need extra care while been delivered. They can be easily damaged if not delivered properly.
We deliver 7 days a week, from 9 am to 9 pm.

Q. Can I use my Cake Feasta gift card online?
A. Yes, if you have a Cake Feasta gift card and want to use it for an online purchase, please call +92 345 6369621. Our customer service representative will convert the amount on your physical gift card to an eGift Certificate that can easily be used on our website. The amount will immediately be deducted from your gift card and the credit will only be good for purchases made on www.CakeFeasta.com

Q: Does Cake Feasta have anything sugar free?
A. No.

Q. How long in advance should I order my cake?
A. Normally 2 – 4 days is a typical lead time. This time may vary during busy periods, especially during difference occasions. Short notice events can usually be accommodated depending on position availability. For your piece of mind we advise to book in early.
Orders can also be placed up to one month in advance on most occasions. Simply select your preferred delivery date from our online ordering system in your shopping cart.

Q. How can I cancel my order?
A. Orders must be cancelled before 24 hours of the preferred delivery date and time (PST). Please call Cake Feasta ( Phone: +92 345 6369621) so that our customer service representative may assist you with your request

Q. If my order was not delivered due to any reason, how will you accommodate it?
A. If due to any reason your order was not delivered, we will refund your amount.

Q. Do I need to book a consultation?
A. We are a mainly an online business, but design appointments are available as well. If the cake you’d like purchase is similar to one of our cakes in our cake gallery you do not need to book a consultation. Please call us for more information at +92 345 6369621 during our business hours, Mon-Fri 9-5.

If the cake you’d like to purchase requires special customization, please book a consultation. Please keep in mind that cakes by consultation must be ordered at least 2 days in advance.