Let’ Celebrate By Loving from Distance

Are you looking for something a little more specialized… a little more decadent? Look no further! Cake Feasta has you covered with our wide array of designer cakes. Whether you fancy fresh cream, fruit, or chocolate, Cake Feasta has it all!

 International Orders

We love our International & Domestic fans! Cake Feasta is also accepting orders from abroad (and other cities in Pakistan) for delivery in Lahore to your loved ones. You can order easily order customized cakes or cupcakes, a wide range available at our online shop.

Order Placement Procedure:

  1. You can order cakes or cupcakes design from our online shop and can place order, or send us an image for custom order from Make an Order form which you would like for us to replicate.
  2. Mention the add-ons if any Flowers, Greeting Cards etc. (Will be charged separately according to your requirements) can contact any time at contact@cakefeasta.com
  3. Transfer your order payment to us. Following payment methods are currently accepted:

You can transfer payment via;

  • Bank Transfer: UBL UAE; UK bank transfer, Canadian Bank Transfer; OR any International Bank Transfer, (Through Cash Pick Up from any of your bank to any Pak bank on our phone number  +92 345 6369621)
  • Any international Exchange those can transfer money in any Pak bank on our phone number +92 345 6369621)
  • Western Union
  1. After depositing order amount please email payment receipt at contact@cakefeasta.com to track the payment.
  2. Order will be delivered to your specified address and person at your chosen date and time.

*We offer free delivery in Lahore.


Cakes Delivery to Pakistan

Dessert is a must for every occasion. Be it an occasion of birthday, anniversary or if you just want to express your love to your loved ones. Cakes are always one of the best choices. We at Cake Feasta do understand that sometimes the best of us cannot get that perfection in baking the cakes, therefore we’ve brought a whole new range of special designer cakes for you. Choose from this special array of cakes to Pakistan category and delight your loved ones in Pakistan.

Delicious, distinctive and a novelty; these three words describe the tasty designer cakes offered by Cake Feasta. Special fancy cakes that are made by well-known bakers in your town are on offer at our shelves to entice your loved ones. Send cakes to Pakistan and make special occasions even more special by ordering from a range of celebration cakes offered by Cake Feasta.

Occasions That Demand Cakes in Pakistan

Every celebration in our life automatically means a cake is on its way to celebrate. These all occasions and moments give us opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. For all these occasions, Cake Feasta Team is there to serve you for cakes delivery to Pakistan.

Birthday Cakes – The most popular occasion for bringing home a special cake, birthdays are what every kid & even adults fantasize about, as it is synonymous with two things – Gifts & Cake. Indulge your friends or somebody special with amazing chocolate cakes, truffle cakes & more.

Wedding Cakes – Marriage is an important moment in the life of every individual, & at the same time, it is one of the most joyous of occasions as well which certainly deserves a cake. Special wedding cakes in Half kg & Full kg right at your doorstep.

Anniversary Cakes – If marriages are a cause of celebration, then surviving enough to make an anniversary out of it is reason enough to order a cake! Book for your friends having an anniversary, or better still, surprise your love with our made to order special cakes.

Baby Shower Cakes – Birth of a new life in the family is much cause for celebration in the household. Browse for & shop from our best collection of baby shower and baby announcement cakes.

Send Cakes to Pakistan

We have a large variety of cakes of different flavors & tastes to be sent to the Lahore, Pakistan. Let’s take a look at some of them: –

Chocolate Cake– Just uttering the name of chocolates takes our taste buds into an overdrive. The essence of chocolates makes us restless & their taste is so delicious, it directly transports us to another world of bliss. Order & send amazing chocolate cakes anywhere in India to your loved ones anywhere by using our reliable delivery system. Choose from our vast collection.

Pineapple Cake– Pineapples are delicious to the extent that one can’t have enough of them. They have an amazing flavor & texture due to which one couldn’t help but tempted to take a bite of them. Any dish having the flavor & taste of this amazing fruit is bound to be delicious. Order pineapple cakes online & send them anywhere in India using our dependable delivery system. You can choose from our amazing collection of varied cakes.

Customized Cake – Cakes are yummy & delicious as it is, & given a chance, we wouldn’t even waste a second to have a go at them. But if the cakes are personalized with the special memories of our someone beloved, the taste & emotions associated with the cake will go up a few notches. Order customized cakes online & send them to anywhere in India to your loved and dear ones through our dependable delivery system. You can choose from our amazing collection of cakes.

Fruit Cake – The goodness of fruits needs no introduction to any of us. Each fruit plays an important role in our lives through the nutrition they provide to build our body. These fruits taste amazing as well, & the inclusion of them in our favorite cake just make the sweetness of it many fold. Order delicious fruit cakes online & send them to any part of India to your close ones through our reliable delivery system. You can choose from our amazing collection of cakes.