Makeup cakes, which could be the best birthday cake ever for makeup fan. The MAC cosmetic brand has become so popular that anyone would love to have a bit of it in their makeup collection. Consider a lipstick that you love so much and you are getting it as a cake for your birthday! Wouldn’t it be fun?

This is a dream cake for a makeup lover. If your loved one is make up addict, these make up themed delicious fondant cakes will be the best surprise for them. These makeup cakes collection can bring happiness to the complete new level with its out of the box make up themed design. Available in vanilla, strawberry, butter cream and chocolate, these cakes make the perfect gift choice for makeup lovers.

Gorgeous cosmetic bag cakes are perfect to decorate because you can add some perfectly playful or trendy details such as floral sprays, vintage cosmetics or heirloom jewels. A really great makeup bag cake idea is to create a cake that is a replica of the gift the lucky recipient is getting. Cosmetics and jewels cakes have the perfect mix of modern and vintage. We loved the bright and fresh color palette with a shining gold added in for a luxurious look. The polka dot makeup bag was given a grown-up feel with the addition of gold and pearl jewelry, lovely roses.

We love the sleekness and accuracy of MAC cosmetics cakes. The adorable makeup bag perched on the side adds the feel of an extra tier, which is a fantastic way to both show off your handbag cake making skills and include a little dimension to an otherwise plain round cake. Another fantastic MAC cosmetics-themed birthday cake that includes a lovely little makeup bag. Created from either cake or cereal treats the cosmetics purse still utilizes the techniques used to make show-stopping handbag cakes.

The lovely pink makeup purse is wonderfully playful with various cosmetics overflowing out of the unzipped bag. We love the detail of the brushes and the stitched quilting around the bag itself. Creating fabulous makeup cakes at Cake Feasta is always exciting especially once all of the detailed components are ready to be put into place. There’s always an outstanding sense of achievement when a hand-painted fondant zip or sparkling gum paste nail polish bottle is added

Our love of makeup cakes aspect of our life: our nail art, our accessories, and even how we shop for our home. But up until now, we hadn’t thought to incorporate our passion for beauty into our food. We came across this incredible makeup-themed cake on our social media and as it turns out, there are tons of women who have requested that their favorite products be immortalized in the form of birthday treats. Cake Feasta provide home delivery in Lahore and also for DHA and Bahria Town residents.