Before Birthday Party Planning in Lahore

Are you planning to celebrate your kids’ party in Lahore?

To help you to plan your next children’s birthday party, whether for a one-year-old or a 12-year-old, here we’ve put together a kids’ birthday party basic things before you going for planning to make it easier than whipping cream.

Before finalizing, consider the following things that are very important for your party:


  • Plan Before –Plan, plan and  Early planning will save your money and time also. Let’s start now.
  • Budget– What you serve and to how many guest you will invite, it will impact your budget definitely.  Try to prepare as many things as you can at home. It will save your  Find a happy way that works for you.
  • The date –Mostly people like to have a party on a weekend in Lahore, but if it is a busy party days or with any other special occasions like Eid. Keep in mind, your guests availability and country seasons
  • Age Group– Food for toddlers and food for 6 & 7 year olds will be different. So, prepare food according to the age group. It will please elders as well as kids.
  • Number of Guests-Whether you invite 4 or 14, this makes a difference on your budget & time. So, you need to decide before, are you will invite all friends and family members or only selective. You can also invite only kid friends and reduce your expenses.
  • Extra Space– Sitting at a table to eat is nice but require space and extra  Select an extra space for kid’s party where they can easily move and have fun. In Lahore, many houses are having lawn are big lounges where you can easily arrange your kids party and have fun; excitement.
  • Start Shopping– After deciding date of your kids’ birthday party you need to start  Head off to the supermarket and grab everything you need. Remember that if the adults are staying, you may need to think about adult food. Some parents these days do not expect anything special but if you’ve got grandparents or elderly relatives coming, they usually like to eat something other than fairy bread and sweet with their cup of tea. As you know, Laborie’s are famous to eat healthy food, so start shopping according to this.
  • What do kids like?  -Kids like  So, your presentation for kid’s food should be attractive otherwise they will not give you full marks. Stick to the things kids like and can introduce one or two new item.  The key is not so much in what you serve but how you serve it.