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Cake Feasta was created with the aim to make the best desserts and cakes in the Lahore.  Before Cake Feasta was launched, you’d typically find the traditional desserts and cupcakes in the Bahria Town, Lahore.  What differentiates us from the rest is we’re the first unique desserts concept in the region.  We have fun creating our desserts by thinking outside the box and creating fusion hybrid desserts. Our Cakes come in all textures, mixtures, shapes, and they are designed to suit all tastes. Cake Feasta was formed out of a University friendship that has blossomed into a flourishing business. They discovered that although there were many desserts, not many of them had a personalized twist to them. The partnership has been quite successful, and we deliver some of the tastiest desserts to your doorstep in the Bahria Town, Lahore.

One reason why we are so special is that we have a number of Cake recipes where we craft our unique Cakes. Additionally, we also allow our clients to create their own customized Birthday or Wedding cakes. A unique cake is one that takes into account the ingredients to which you are allergic. We also allow our potential clients to upload pictures of the design they would like on their cake. It is a service, which most people like as it enables customers to send personalized messages.

If you want to enjoy some delicious treats such as our Red Velvet Oreo Crunch Cake, you should consider ordering from us. You can expect to receive deliveries of high quality.  If you need any issue clarified, do not hesitate to contact us.


When you take a bite of one of our Cakes here are some emotions you may feel:

  • A unique new concept that engages your senses sweetens your pallet and enlivens your soul with its divine ambiance…
  • A concoction of pleasurable delights that infuse your inner passion and drive your untamed cravings wild…
  • A transformation from the ordinary to the surprising with an essence of striking charm and seductiveness…
  • Simply put… A CakeFeasta Pleasure!

The Handcraft of the Success. Always copied, never equaled.

Cake Feasta made in Lahore: exclusively Lahore Bakery chooses to keep the tradition of the Lahore-style bakery. Our recipes are perfected by Lahores using the best local and authentic raw materials from across the globe.

Recipes are developed and perfected by professionals of the bakery-pastry and restaurant trade: Raw materials used in the manufacture of our products, are top quality: traditional French & German flour and French dairy products (butter & cream). The methods of production allow for the resting of dough to produce a high quality product.

Customize Your Cake

We have amazing collection of Mother’s Day and Father’s day Cakes and Birthday Cakes. You can choose Cakes which will be perfect for all age groups. Combine delectable Cakes with beautiful Hand Bouquets and you will the perfect surprise. Send Cakes online in Bahira Town, Lahore to your brother or sister when you cannot make for their birthday and your care and love will be shown to them. You can get specially designed Cakes for special occasions. We also provide wedding Cakes online and our chat representative will help you in finalizing perfect Cakes for your wedding.

All of our delicacies were hand-crafted, baked and decorated with Love, using only the freshest materials and selected ingredients, with no preservatives.

To ensure the quality of our products, we baked it in small batches freshly by order only. Because it is our satisfaction to see your smile after taking the first bite of our gourmet goodies.

We turn your vision into a spectacular, breathtaking work of edible art.

Cake in Bahria Town, Lahore is showcase of our love for the community of Bahria Town.

Birthday Cake Bahria Town


All cakes are created from scratch, by hand with the freshest ingredients to create a delicate balance of texture and taste from out of this world.


Our professional cake designers take pride in their designs, ensuring each one exceeds the satisfaction of the customer. We can turn your dream, into a masterpiece.


The Cake Feasta has been in business over decades, and is still continuing to create incredible custom cakes with the same passion as the day we opened.


Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We are always working to create a centerpiece for your party or event that will truly make the event a success. At The Cake Feasta we work with you to transform your dream cake into a reality.