Since the beginning of silky smooth, flexible and dough-like fondant coverings for cakes, designers have embraced this incredible edible sugar dough and experimented with it to no end. It’s been painted on, been subject to artistic cake stamping and rolled to ultra-thin and gentle sizes and molded to form adorable cake toppers. Some are still definitely in the anti-fondant camp, preferring the taste of buttercream over the often commercially created lots of sweet fondant cakes for DHA residentsin Lahore by Cake Feasta.

Cake Feasta have great fondant cakes & cupcakes collections for DHA residents in Lahore. Over the last hundred years, cakes have developed from yummy desserts to true works of art. With the invention of fondant and the development of edible food coloring, cake decorators the world over have stretched the limits of cake decorating methods. One of the most amazing techniques is painting on fondant cakes in Lahore. Most cake decorators were artists long before they started baking in the kitchen. Colette Peters has a master’s degree in painting and worked.

Have you ever made your own fondant? What, you didn’t know you could?! Yes, you can make fondant, right at home with no special equipment other than a microwave, bowl and your own two hands. If you tend to purchase pre-made fondant, the idea of making your own may sound scary. But it’s truly quite simple and actually saves you some cash.

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