Hats off to the graduate! Whether you are celebrating a graduation from high school, college or receiving any type of diploma, these cake designs will suit your graduation occasion. They range from traditional sheet cakes to tiered cakes in all different sizes.

As the name suggests, graduation cakes in Lahore are designed to celebrate the completion of one’s graduation degree. They can also be created for honoring the graduation of an entire class. Graduation cakes, although having an academic background, can have quite good to look at. These cakes are a great way to congratulate your son or daughter on a successful graduation and welcome him or her to the new life that is about to begin. Various designs are used to craft these cakes, and one of the most popular ones is the certificate style, where the cake is designed in the form of a graduation certificate.

A rectangular or square-shaped cake may have the images of the graduation cap and a rolled certificate. The cake may also be formed in the shape of piled books that are topped by a graduation cap. Graduation cakes may sometimes carry other designs as well, such as checks, polka dots, stars and ribbons. The cake may have major shades of pink if it is meant to celebrate a girl’s graduation party. Alternately, colors such as black, red and yellow may also be used.

If your graduation is fast approaching we offer a great selection of deliciously outrageous custom decorated cakes, cupcakes to help celebrate the big event. For that extra special touch we can print your favorite photo image onto the top of your cake and decorate and personalize it in your school colors. Listed below are some of our custom created graduation themed cakes.

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