You’ve spent hours designing and creating the perfect wedding cake that fulfills your client’s requests and seamlessly matches the wedding theme. Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Give your cake the place at the party it deserves with our top wedding cake display tips.

We’ve created a board of wedding cake display ideas, from simple to elaborate and rustic to bejeweled, to inspire you. Check it out the full board by clicking the icon below:

The Basics Cake in Lahore

Of course you need a table, and it must be level. Seriously, bring a level. Sounds obvious, but these details matter. You might need to shore up a table leg with pieces of cardboard, so be prepared. The table shouldn’t be enormous either. A cake on a twelve-inch board will be dwarfed when sitting on a table with a six-foot diameter. Whenever possible, ask the bride to make arrangements with the venue for an appropriately-sized cake table. Table placement should be discussed during your consultation as well. Advise the bride to have her cake displayed somewhere that will be seen by all her guests, but will be out of harm’s away, like out of direct sunlight, and not next to the dance floor. Online delivery in Lahore. best provide Cake in Lahore.


The sky is the limit when it comes to draping the cake table. Of course a crisp white table cloth will always look nice, but why not go with ruffles, colors, gathers or bows that will tie into the theme of the party?

Pedestals and Cake Stands

Giving the cake some height by placing it on a stand can add drama and can be a lovely continuation of the decor or theme. Consider placing a rustic wedding cake on a piece of wood or an elegant cake on a silver plateau. Just be sure whatever you use is secure. You don’t want the cake to topple over halfway through the toasts!

Use a Cake Stand

I know I am biased, but look at any wedding magazine and you will rarely see a cake without a wedding cake stand. The cake stand is the stage on which the wedding cake shines. It elevates and accentuates the cake. It is that fabulous pair of high heels that complete the wedding cake outfit. You have spent countless hours perfecting your confectionery masterpiece, don’t just place it on the table. Give it the presentation it deserves.

Hide the Cake Board

A magazine-worthy cake almost always has a cake stand but one item you will never see is a cake board. So, make sure the cake board is well hidden. Having the cake board peek out is like letting the slip of your dress show. It can really distract from a dazzling dress. Instead, build the cake board into the design of the cake, use icing or a ribbon. I have seen numerous delightful ways to hide the cake board so get creative.

Choose the Location

The background of your photo gives your wedding cake context. It allows the viewer to envision the entire wedding through the lens of the cake. Think about the backdrop for your cake photo. Will there be a funky brick wall behind it? Some gorgeous drapery? Or, maybe it will be framed perfectly by a set of windows? Place your cake table in just the right spot and you will get some killer photos, just like the pros.